#sayhername, New York


#BlackLivesMatter was created in 2012 after Trayvon Martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman, was acquitted for his crime, and dead 17-year old Trayvon was post-humously placed on trial for his own murder. #BlackLivesMatter is a call to action and a response to the anti-Black racism existing in the American society. Several rallies, marches and protests have taken place across the country since 2012. Yet, more Black men and women have continued to be killed, too often at the hands of police officers. Justice has rarely been served in many cases. 


In order to shed light on Black women's experiences with police violence, the African American Policy Forum, in partnership with One Billion Rising, BYP100, The Stop Mass Incarceration Network, Black Lives Matter NYC, and many other community organizations held #SayHerName: A Vigil in Remembrance of Black Women and Girls Killed by the Police at Union Square, NYC, on May 20.