Career started as a radio reporter in France covering world news and minorities' issues. Currently covering women's issues, human rights and social justice news. Proficient in producing multimedia content: audio, photo and video. Live and breath social media but still value the importance of on-field journalism. Fluent in French and in spoken Arabic. Never go out without a camera and a voice recorder. 



Take photos, shoot videos, edit, encode & publish on YouTube & other platforms 

Package & post stories with art to CMS 

Gather data & other research for larger stories & other data-driven data visualization projects

Create collage, animated GIFs, text layover, capture video clips


Write original stories, research and conduct  interviews

Edit or rewrite existing copy as necessary and submit to Editor

Search & select key stories to be added to the Latest News page

Monitor & aggregate relevant news from a wide range of online sources 


Live tweet breaking news events

Draft post for social media, create engagement & track analytics

Conduct image and video research on social media and reach out for permission to use

Monitor trends and spot leaders of opinion/influencers/activists/others for possible interviews



Women's eNews, New York, NY         2011 - Present 

Web Reporter / Photo & Videographer

Al Jazeera Plus, New York, NY          2013 - Present 

Freelance Video Journalist 

Radio Orient, Paris, France                    2006 - 2011 

Reporter/ Executive Producer/ News Anchor 


              TSA-Algerie,             Algiers                        New York Correspondent 

Illume Magazine,    San Francisco           Freelance Writer

        Europe 1 Sport,       Paris                          Radio Reporter/Anchor 

         Radio Vitamine,      Toulon France           Radio Reporter/Anchor



Bachelor’s degree in Information & Communication. University of Letters, Arts & Human Sciences, Nice, France. Graduated July 2006 

Baccalaureat in Science, Lycee Bonaparte, Toulon, France. July 2003 



Camera: DSLR ( Canon 5D MII & MIII, Panasonic GH4), SONY HVR Z5

Software: Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Premiere CS6, Lightroom, Photoshop


“Hajer is a perfect fit for the digital newsroom. Her social media skills and nose for news allow her to pull original angles from breaking issues and spot breaking stories. Her passion extends past the written word to photography and video enriching the story telling process for readers and creating multiple entry points to important stories.
— Charlotte Cooper, Director of Social Media at Show of Force
I had the opportunity to work with Hajer Naili as a journalist and a reporter on the French desk from 2006 to 2010. Hajer showed great skills and perseverance and a capacity to adapt to the multiple aspects of the job. I am glad to say that she was one of the best journalists of the team.
— Fouad Naim, Former Executive Director of Radio Orient